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  • 1. Creating an account
  • 2. Logging in
  • 3. Posting vehicles
  • 4. Resizing photos before uploading

Creating an Account

In order to create an account that will enable you to post vehicles on the site. Follow the simple steps below

  • 1. Click on the Selling menu item as shown on the image below
  • 2. Then enter your details in the page that follows
  • 3. Click the Register button. (at this point the account creation will be complete, you can then login using your username and password)


Logging in

To log in follow the simple steps below

  • 1. Enter your username and password in the login section as shown below
  • 2. Click the login button


Posting Vehicles

In order to post vehicles on the site, you will need to first login with your active username and password.

  • 1. Login with your username and password
  • 2. After logging in locate the SELLER MENU and click on Post New Vehicle as shown below

  • 3. Enter the vehicle details on the page that follows. See image below

  • 4. After capturing the details, you can either upload pictures (if you have them - uploading photos will make your vehicle standout) or simply click on SAVE & LIST
  • 5. Uploading pictures, the screen below shows the photo upload section
  • 6. Click on Choose File to select a photo to upload. (you can upload up to 8 photos)
  • 7. Click on SAVE & LIST or SAVE & NEW if you want to post another vehicle

Resizing photos before uploading

It is very important to resize your photos before uploading them for the following reasons

  1. your upload process will be faster (especially if you are on a slow internet connection)
  2. you will also save bandwidth
There are a lot of image editing tools you can use to resize your photos, e.g. Photoshop, CorelDraw, Microsoft Paint.Net, Microsoft Paint. We are only going to show you how to using Microsoft Paint for the windows 7 OS because it's found on all Microsoft windows operating systems. Steps are shown below
  • 1. Click on the Start button then type paint in the searchbox and hit enter (for earlier versions of windows - Windows XP, 2000, e.t.c click on Start then Run and type in paint.exe and hit enter).
  • 2. when the paint application opens, click on the menu item as shown below and click Open


  • 3. locate your photo from the Open dialog box
  • 4. click on the Resize button as shown below
  • 5. On the popup screen that comes, make sure the Pixels option is selected and also the Maintain aspect ratio is ticked.
  • 6. Enter the value 640 in the Horizontal field, the vertical one doesn't matter as shown below


  • 7. Click OK
  • 8. Save your photo by clicking on the Save button as shown below (the resizing process will be complete at this point, you can then upload the resized photos)